12-11-11 Bullying awareness week: bullied, bully or bystander?

We are currently dealing with unit 2, which revolves around the topic of  ” Respect”. Again, real life brings about challenging perspectives to expand the book approach to the topic.  This week has been declared “bullying awareness week ” in many countries,  Canada  and the UK among others.  Learning to respect each other and to respect oneself should be the cornerstone of education. Consequently, schools should provide a bully free environment where everyone could feel supported and safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Here follow some videos and activities that aim at developping your awareness on bullying. We hope they  help you take a stand.

The materials that I have uploaded to this post have been taken from a great  Canadian site, http://www.bullyingawarenessweek.org/. In November, in Canada they organise a bullying awareness week. Parents, teachers and students collaborate in finding solutions to face this problem.

What is bullying? 

Bullying is a form of aggression in which there is an imbalance of power between a student who bullies and a student who is victimized. Bullying is intentional, causes distress and is repeated over time. It can be physical or verbal, direct or indirect. Depending on the context, any one student may play any of the roles that play out in a bullying situation. Therefore, rather than label students “bullies” or “victims,” it is preferable to consider them as “students  who bully,” “students  who are victimized” and “bystanders.”

In this video we see  how important it is not to be a bystander and stand by the people who are bullied

Try  this quiz to check  what your ideas on bullying are

B u l l y i n g   Aw a r e n e s s   Q u i z

To answer this quiz, circle the number that best describes how you feel about the statements below.

What the numbers mean:

5 = Agree Strongly

4 = Agree Somewhat

3 = Neither Agree nor Disagree

2 = Disagree Somewhat

1 = Disagree Strongly

0 = Don’t Know


1. Bullying is one person trying to hurt another with words, hitting or by excluding someone. 0 1 2 3 4 5
2. Bullying makes the person who is being bullied feel alone. 0 1 2 3 4 5
3. Everyone has the right to feel safe and expect others to help them. 0 1 2 3 4 5
 4. Silently watching when someone is being bullied is like saying “I accept bullying.” 0 1 2 3 4 5
5. Doing nothing when you see someone being bullied adds to the problem. 0 1 2 3 4 5
6. I know what to do to help put an end to bullying. 0 1 2 3 4 5
7. It takes courage to speak out against bullying, but if we all try, we can put an end to bullying. 0 1 2 3 4 5
8. Telling someone who can help such as a teacher, principal, coach or parent is a good way to take a stand against bullying 0 1 2 3 4 5
9. You can help someone who is being bullied by going up to them and starting a conversation. 0 1 2 3 4 5
10. The best thing to do for someone who is being bullied is to be their friend. 0 1 2 3 4 5
11. The point of sticking up for someone who is being bullied is to let them know that they are not alone. 0 1 2 3 4 5
12. We all need to take care of one another, kids who bully included. 0 1 2 3 4 5

Remember that everyone can, under certain circumstances, take any of the three roles described below.   These 3 documents are for you to read. Think of them as a check list. Try to answer as honestly as you can. Let’s see if we can make our school a bully free environement.

This is the poster designed by the Canadian organization against bullying, What do you think of it? What would you add? Would you like to contribute by making one? what about translating it to Catalan, Spanish, German and French?

Finally, bullying takes new forms. With the Internet and the spread of mobile phones, nwe forms of bullying have developed. Cyberbullying is gradually becoming more common among teenagers. Similarly, messaging brings about new forms of communication such as sexting. The Internet and the social networks are great tools, but we must  be aware of risks . We would like you to share with your thoughts  and experiences on bullying by posting your comments to the blog.



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21 Responses to 12-11-11 Bullying awareness week: bullied, bully or bystander?

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  3. virginiapinel says:

    Virginia Pinel 2A(SS)

    I think that the bullying at school is a serious problem in today’s society. This behavior causes that some people will cancel other the people. Some people are afraid to show themselves as they are for fear of what they say but the bullying is also present in other places, there is also bullying at work.
    In the first video we see a comportament horrible but this behavior is common in our society and this is very sad because we can not judge a person of wanting to another of the same sex. If that person is happy, we should encourage.
    The second video is also very common, many people suffer bullying and they don’t receive help from his friends. A good friend would not do what the companions do in the video.
    In conclusion porblema bullying is a serious business. You have to respect everyone because everyone is different and we all have flaws

  4. In my opionion bullying is an agression that can be physical or psychological to another person by their way of being or simply for being different.Yesterday we talked about this problem and how can we stop with that, we expressed our opinion about bullying and what could be the solutions.

    I like the first video because I think that people found a good solution to the problem of homophobia.People dare to fight with the agressors and I think this has much merit.

    The second video is very different from the fist, it’s a little bit dramatic and in my point of view the girl has the fault because she shouldn’t had sent the images if she couldn’t trust him 100%, then she has to accept the consequences of her imprudencial acts.

  5. thunderglo says:

    Now a days bullying it’s a big problem for a lot of people. Some people have fun mistreating other person without reason. We have to conscience people to fight to stop this behaviour.

    I liked the first video. I think that a homosexual relationship is normal, and this can’t be a reason to leave apart or laugh at someone. All people should be free to go out with everyone wants. Although you think that be gay is a bad thing you have to respect this people.

    The second video is different that the first. The girl sends a picture of herself to a guy, who sends this to all people in class. This is a wrong decision, maybe she should have think in what could happen with the picture. She must to be careful with this or don’t do this things.

  6. Edu Gonzalez says:

    Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior, which may manifest as abusive treatment, the use of force to affect others. Bullying consists of three basic types of abuse: emotional, verbal, and physical. The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a “target.” Bullying can occur on school, the workplace, family and neighborhoods.

    About the first video I think that is a good campaign to make people accept homosexuals like normal people, no like strangers. Is very motivating to see in this video how people takes hand to people bullied to help him to go ahead in the life.

    About the second video I think that’s a different situation because the girl risks her images sending this type of photos to someone who doesn’t knows very well.

  7. andreuramis says:

    Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior, which may manifest as abusive treatment, the use of force or verbal acts to affect others. Nowadays, we can see people bullying others everywhere, in the schools normally and you can see them in the streets but there’s something we can do. In this videos we can see attitudes that we ought to follow if we like help anyone that are being bullied.

    In the first video, bully happens to teenagers but it happens to adults too. In my point of view I think is one of the worst bullying. The video it’s about a boy who gives his hand to the other boy being bullied.

    In the second video, the girl that sending that picture from herself, I think made a wrong decision because with this photo the boy wanted to harassed the girl. I think that problem began by the blame of the girl.

  8. Bullying can be physical or phiscologycal, this problems occurs normally in schools nowdays the people who do bullying are people who have a good time making fun of other people or people who maybe have suffered bullying in the past.
    If you are abused or you see other people that suffer abuses, you can speak up and solve the issue

    The first video i liked so much I think it’s something that happens today, and i think that is a clear exemple that we can’t allow this nowadays.

    In the secoond video i think that is something that usually happens because of the social networks, so you have to be careful and know who to trust.

  9. dionisrubi says:

    Bullying is an attitude that should be removed because it can cause serious problems to the person who’s being bullied. Unfortunately, we can see people bullying others in the schools, in the streets, but there’s something we can do, and in the videos we can see some attitudes we should follow if we knew about anyone being bullied.
    From the first video, I would like to comment the attitude of two specific students. The first one is the boy who gives his hand to the other boy being bullied. I think having that initiative is not an easy decision, and, in my opinion, that boy was very brave doing that. The second student whose attitude also made a difference was the first boy from the group of bullies who stand up. He proved very brave, too.
    The second video is very different from the first one, and my opinion is completely different as well. In that case, I think the girl made a wrong decision sending that picture from herself, so I think she was bullied due to her own mistake. On the other hand, the boy who was sent the picture had the intention of hurting her, and that attitude should be also removed.

  10. ainamarti says:

    In my opinion bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour. It consists basically on physical, emotional and verbal abuse.
    But there are many ways of bullying other people, for instance, making people feel uncomfortable, leaving persons out of activities, scaring or making them do things that they don’t want to do.
    From my point of view the first video is a good way to make us understand that sometimes the easier option, in that case, be an bystander, isn’t the most correct o right option.
    On the other hand, the second one could be an actual fact, and we have to be careful about what we send and who we send it to.

  11. Llorenç Salleras Mestre says:

    Bullying is a problem that you can see now a days specially in the schools. Bullying someone is to have an agresive beaviour against a person, noramally inferior, and batter or ill-treat him. It’s very difficult to eradicate this problem because when you punish a student bullies he normally become more agressive. One solution to this problem could be a good education before bullying and if this is not enough, raise awaraness the bystanders to act against that kinds of aggressions. If somebody is a victim of bullies the best thing that he can do is to ask for help to someone superior physical.
    About the first video its a good exemple of how to fight against th bullying. If all bystanders fight against the bullying I’m sure that it wouldnt exist never. I like very much this video because reflect the progress of bullies.
    About the video of sexting its interesant because show what could happen with yours private images or videos if they end up in bad hands. Now a days is very important to keep safe our privacy in internet.

  12. ainaroig says:

    2E SS
    In my opinion bully had always existed because of the family education and the prejudices that we have towards other people. For example, the children who had suffered physical or psychological aggressions, like abuses or insults, during their childhood are more likely to bully when they grow up.

    The first video is the one i like the most, because it happens to teenagers but it happens to adults too. Unfortunately, I think it’s common, but at this moment they are standing up for respect. The best part is the ending, for me it’s the best way of solving the bullies.

    The second video is not so good for me. Why? Easy, because i think you must be more intelligent and more sensible. You should trust and know very well the person who is sent the photo, otherwise it can be very dangerous.

  13. Bullying is an usual problem between us nowadays. Many teenagers suffer from physical or phsychological threating in or out of the school. It is a very grave issue that prevent people from living a normal and plesent life.

    I have liked the first video because deals in a very optimistic way such a serious problem; it encourage victims of bullying to stand up and change things. As I see it, in life, there isn’t other choice: be brave and fight for what you want, the rest doesn’t mind.

    About the second one, sexting is, in some way, very dangerous. As I see it, people should have more care in who to trusts, otherwise, it could be bad consequences, as it is shown in the video.

  14. gaburomero says:

    Gabriela Romero 2A (SS)

    I think that happens more in the School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in connection with education, either inside or outside of school. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or emotional and is usually repeated over a period of time. It seems that children bully for a variety of reasons and when dealing with child bullying it’s essential to identify who is the bully at the centre of the violence – there’s usually one person who’s the gang leader. Most affect young children and timid, and so their peers tease them

    In the first video.At the beginning It seems to me that is were very bad for mocking,
    In reality today there are many schools where people who like the same sex.
    Put I really liked when they all shook hands, I thought it was a right act, not to discriminate against gays.

    In the second video. I think that was very cheeky maybe the girl, only let go for some cute guy.
    And that pretty boy taunted and mocked and also all I did not like at all what he did, to show you the picture of the whole school girl.

  15. albamayans7 says:

    Bullying is something that affects a lot of people in the society, specially children, but I think the fact is that most of the times this abuse is not valued as it should be: as a serious problem that has to be solved; or many times it doesn’t seem as harmful as it can be for those who suffer it.

    I’ve liked a lot the first video, because I’ve always though someone’s sexuality is not something they can be ashamed of or others can laugh at. The problem appears when someone worries about what others think or say rather than caring about itself. Many people can’t just tolerate others’ likes and they can’t do anything but convincing others that its likes are the right ones and difference is something it can’t be good. I’m ashamed that we’re in the 21st century and there are still people who think that way.

    In my opinion, if you do sexting, do it with someone you can trust. You will never know where your images or your videos can end up. I mean, I accept everybody can do with themselves whatever they want, but they should be careful. Not everybody is as nice as you can be, so don’t rely on anyone.

  16. claudiacota says:

    Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior, which can be manifested as a physical, emotional or psychological abuse and it typically involves methods of coercion and intimidation. As I see it, it is a serious problem that we can found anywhere, but the most of the cases are produced in colleges and high schools, and the role of people who know this situation is very important and decisive to control it.

    Regarding the videos, I have to say that the frst one is quite impactant and I really loved it because it defends a sector of society that is being excluded due to their sexual orientation and, on my point of view, everyone is free to decide about itself. So stand up, react and don’t care about the others.

    The second video was about sexting, a very usual case nowadays because of the technology. I think that the purpose of this video is to raise awareness to people and, in particular, to adolescents and to warn them about how dangerous it can be. So keep your privacy and be careful what you do on the internet.

  17. ainavazquez says:

    Hi everyone!!

    About the topic that we have been talking in class, obviously, I think buling is a bad behaviour, but also I thing the solution proposed by Fran is a bit extremely. In my opinion the buling could be eliminated since the begining of educatios, raising awareness of the child.

    At the first video we can see a victim of bulling defensed by their classmate. I think that’s the most important in a bulling case. Because everybody wants to go to school and be comfortable with their friends.

    The second video show us what can happen if we send commited messages to somebody, like upload this kind of photos at our social networks. I think this video not only show a different type of bulling, it’s also an ad to raise awareness about the disadvantages of this kind of webs.

  18. mariatoran says:

    Bullying in the school is a big problem in our society nowadays, because this does that victims worry about their image and they aren’t themselves. It may get worse, specially on children and teens who aren’t mature to ignore it. I think this act is very sad because everybody have defaults but we don’t have to pay for it so this course of action does that you underestimate and the others are better than you.

    First video is very interesting, actually is very normal this type of bullying because the others think that sexual orientation of gays and lesbians is strange and it isn’t usual. This is false and with this video we realize that a lot of people are embarrassed to be who they are and aren’t that the others want but finally, everyone know that it isn’t anything strange and bully people are the most freakys and who lose friends.

    Second video is more different for me because I think that girl isn’t aware that the others can do and of course, they mustn’t do it, specially if their teacher see it because is more shameful. The boy is very cruel and if I were her, I would do the same thing or the other a lot worse. I have never see this and if the victim was my friend I would defend it because it isn’t just.

  19. lagemiguel says:

    Bullying somebody is one person or a group of people trying to hurt another person with words, hitting or whatever that can hurt this person.Bullying makes the person who is being bullied feel bad and alone, and bullyin can happen everywhere, in schools, at works, … .I think that the bullier bullies someboby because he feels power doing that and he need this feel to feel well, but there are different ways to have this power feeling such as music or sport., and if you like hit and this kind of thinks you can do boxing or martial arts to free this energy. To remove bullying the only way to follow is fight against it, but not with the punches(you can do it like this if you want),with the power of people that are with you can solve the problem, because the bullier can hit one , but he can not hit ten or more, he don´t have the power to do it.

    The first video is an incredible example of one way of fighting against bullying with out using violence and they send a clear message to the bulliers that they are not going to tolerate this actitute.

    I saw the second video I agree with the opinion of Benjamin, you have to talk with somebody that can help solve the problem and don´t accept bullying on yourself or on anyone.This man says that bullying can happen everywhere and you have to be brave to stop it.

  20. maarga3 says:

    It is very common now a days to see some case of bullying around us and, definitely, it can take place anywhere, althought it usually happens during school time. It refers to a negative acttitude of a person toward a weak one which can be damaged physically or psychologically. This situation obviously can have serious consequences; affecting on people life or on his frame of mind.

    About the videos, I really like the first one, because it defends a very important topic which is very criticized in our society which is homosexuality. This video reflects the real life, and In my opinion it has a clear message which is: “go ahead and defends what you are!”.

    The second , on my point of view , It is not so well-done as the first one. In this case, the video is about sexting, another question that it is very common in ours days and that cause very damage to a person life, at the point of can’t go to class because of pressure of the other people.

  21. People bully another is something that happens constantly in schools, in the works, streets, etc.. I think there isn’t a way to stop bullying, may decrease, but always people will continue doing. I think that bullying is related to the education of each person. I think that the best way to stop the bullying is not afraid, not to be disturbed by any person, maybe is not the best way, but I think that tell your teacher, your parents or someone older does not solve anything and sometimes makes it worse. I think it’s something you have to solve by yourself, but you can get help.

    The first video, I loved, I think one of the ways to end bullying is not afraid to stand up and say things as they are. I liked it because I am greatly concerned with the harassment of gays, I think is one of the worst harassment, and I had many friends with this problem.

    The second video I think it’s okay to report on, the care that you have with the information you send. But I think it’s something that has no relation to bullying, because I think if you send messages certain things have to be responsible and accept the consequences.

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